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2016 Pro MX Week 1 - By-The-Numbers Recap: Hangtown

Charts first, maybe a longer recap later in the next couple days about some of the riders' speed such as Tomac coming back, then getting caught by Baggett in Moto 1.  But for now, the lap charts:

You can see a few major things:
Moto 1
Trey Canard's crash in Lap 2, falling to 13th or worse, then his pretty remarkable comeback to finish 5th.
Eli Tomac started a bit off the pace, but was able to get all the way to 3rd -- but...
Blake Baggett, though, managed to shock (at least the announcers) by catching Tomac in Lap 15.  What a high for Baggett in Moto 1, finishing on the podium, just to be followed by such a low of falling and breaking his collarbone in Moto 2.  
Of course, there's Ken Roczen's move up into to 1st place, which he held for every lap.  What you can't see, unfortunately, is his burst after the start to go from the middle of the pack to 1st by the end of Lap 1.
Ugh, James Stewart's yellow line plummets off the chart, possibly with his season.  He ran right off the track, so I'm really curious what the hell happened.  If it's only a dislocated shoulder, he could recover and try to get back into the swing of things before the season's over, but maybe that's just wishful thinking at this point.
Apparently Broc Tickle had a crash in Lap 2, falling to at least 34th, then managed to get back to 14th.  
Benny Bloss was riding in 15th/16th for several laps in the middle of the race, but dropped down to 21st, though I didn't catch whether there was a crash or bike problem.

Moto 2
Jason Anderson got a good start, and it paid off as he was able to get up to 3rd and hang on, with Tomac unable to get any closer than 4th.
Baggett, as mentioned above, was looking good again, until Lap 13 where he fell, and though he finished the race, he lost 13 spots, and even worse learned that his collarbone was broken.
Frederik Noren had a decent result in the first race, 13th, but a crash left him DNF for Moto 2.
Benny Bloss rebounded to finish 14th, though is 18th for the day.
Roczen passed Ryan Dungey right after the start, then held 1st easily the rest of the way, and Dungey did the same for 2nd place.  Justin Barcia, though, held 3rd for quite a while but eventually gave way to Anderson, Tomac, and Canard.

Now there are charts for the 250's, too:

A few notes:
Moto 1
Martin Davalos had some sort of issue after Lap 3 -- maybe it was the rain?
Austin Forkner had a good opening race, getting up to 10th but then slipping back to a 13th place finish.
Mitchell Harrison showed good speed, but an issue in Lap 5 forced him to catch up from 34th, and he was able to get back to a 17th place finish.
Christian Craig had a crash in the first lap, apparently, but he did well to go from 39th to 15th.

Moto 2
Jessy Nelson ran in 1st for quite a while, possibly giving credence to
the predictions that had Nelson ranked above Joey Savatgy, but then Nelson faded, letting Savatgy and 3 others by him in the last 6 laps.
Jordan Smith also ran up front for a while, in 3rd, until he started slipping during Lap 5 and ended up all the way back in 16th.
Austin Forkner managed and even better race than in Moto 1, hanging in 3rd for a bit.  He did drop in the second half, falling back to 7th, but an impressive debut nonetheless.

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