Motocross analysis and insight

What Else?

Tableau Public -- currently the analysis is hosted at Tableau Public. There are some formatting issues as a result, but for now the flexible and free hosting is preferable.
Forecasts/Projections -- based on current analytical sports-prediction methods (primarily from baseball) the projections seen here are simple (or simplistic, perhaps) weights of the most recent years' results (i.e. 4/3/2, which would mean a 2016 prediction is 2015 results weighted at 4, 2014 weighted at 3, and 2013 weighted at 2) plus an adjustment for expected improvement/decline (from the aging curve) based on age.
Data Issues -- We try to note this all over the site, but there are definitely some data issues. Cleaning data is hard, and sometimes errors will slip through. Please let us know using the link below when you come across issues.
One of the most troublesome ones is riders with the same name. It's very difficult to tell just how many John Smith riders there are (we try to denote different people by putting their home state after their name), so it's possible that results under John Smith are actually John Smith #1 and John Smith #2. Apologies in advance because we're nearly certain this has happened (hopefully in very few cases).

Some of the data has issues, be it a typo/error in the original source, a miscoding by me, or a name is misspelled (or perhaps a female was accidentally not excluded). Please let me know any problems you see with the data or questions about what/who/why (or even when/where/how).   Feedback welcomed

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