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Pro MX Outdoor - 2016 Full-Season Predictions After Week 10

With two weeks left, there's not a whole lot to update for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship predictions, going into Budds Creek.  Ken Roczen can clinch 1st place this week, and Eli Tomac has essentially locked up 2nd:


While Justin Barcia could catch Marvin Musquin for 3rd, it would require a major mistake or problem from Musquin, as Barcia needs more than 12 points per moto in the remaining 2 weeks.  Benny Bloss can still catch Christophe Pourcel, needing to make up 34 points; in fact, the predictions expect him to tie and pass Pourcel just barely.  


The top of the Lites class is a little more uncertain.  Cooper Webb can lock up 1st at Budds Creek, but 2nd is currently a tie between Alex Martin and Joey Savatgy, with AMart predicted to win by 1 point:

Below them, Austin Forkner and Aaron Plessinger are expected to pass Jeremy Martin since JMart is not racing the rest of the season.  Zach Osborne earned 0 points at Unadilla last week, which drops him below JMart in the prediction -- he needs 16 points per moto the rest of the way to move into 6th, which is possible but not what is expected above.  Justin Hill's continued success on the track moves him up into the Top 20, predicted to jump up to around 18th place by season's end.

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