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Closing the book on 2016's SX Rookies

In the middle of the Supercross season, we took a look at how the newcomers were doing.  Now that it's all wrapped up, we'll take a look at how their seasons finished.  

(Race results that are new from last time are in yellow.  DNQ gets a rank of "23".  Missed races are left blank.)

Somewhat surprisingly (to me at least), the rankings didn't change much from the prior check-in.  I expected that they'd improve during the season as they get used to the Supercross tracks and but in fact they got worse.   As a group, they were better in their first races than in their last -- or at least relative to their competition they were:

Since Bloss moved up to the 450's in the final weeks, that left 5 remaining SX rookies and none really impressed.  I hate to say it, but the average finish in the high teens and low 20's is not much to get excited about and certainly didn't match what was expected of them from a numbers standpoint -- which was to regularly be in the teens, especially for Williamson and Harrison.  Injury played a factor for a few of them, as did not being able to focus full-time on racing.  So, the past is not the prologue, but each of these guys still has a ways to go -- but at least they're all young enough to see drastic improvement in the coming seasons.

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