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Amateur MX 2016 Pre-Season Predictions

The preliminary 450 prediction went up Friday, and the 250's on Saturday.  We're moving on to the upper amateur classes, which are below.  These predictions for the 450 A class and 250 A class are difficult not so much because of the stats but because it's not clear who's riding what class -- who's going pro, who's riding only 450 or only 250, who's no longer racing, etc.  By "#1" amateur, I mean the rider with the best performance overall at the Loretta Lynn Area qualifiers, Regional qualifiers, and Finals.  With that said, here's the best estimation at which amateurs will shine in 2016:

For each class there are 30 riders listed, which is a bit arbitrary, but we had to cut it off somewhere, since there could be a thousand riders who attempt to qualifying for Loretta's.

Some notes on 450 A:
The "%" is effectively how many points they're expected to earn of the points available in their races during the season.
It's really hard to know if riders from past years are still going to be riding amateur with sights set on Loretta's.  Such as, to name a few: HENRY MILLER, JON AMES, LORENZO LOCURCIO, MARK WORTH, TYLER MCSWAIN, BRADLEY TAFT, CODY MCCULLOCH, WILSON FLEMING, BLAKE NEIHEISER, CURREN THURMAN, JARED LESHER, and CHANDLER LINDSAY.

Some notes:
These riders are a little more clear on who's going pro and who's not, but it's still far from certain.  
What's tougher with them is if they're moving up to 250 A from 250 B, for instance, or possibly they're moving up to 450 and leaving 250 behind.
The good news is that someone who's, say, #8 in the 250 class would more or less be in the same spot in the 450 class, just a bit lower.
In terms of the "%" points the riders should win, Jake Masterpool is expected--with a 99%--to be nearly flawless (assuming he rides amateur and not pro), and Coty Schock is also supposed to really excel.

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