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Muddy Creek "This-Week" Predictions Review

How did the "This-Week" predictions do for MX outdoors in Week 5 at Muddy Creek?  Fairly good for the 450's, with 3 exact hits and 6 more missed by one spot:

The biggest miss was Justin Barcia, who finished 11th due to some crashes.  Also, Broc Tickle surprised everyone, including the predictions, with his 3rd place podium spot, while he was predicted to finish 8th.  

Two main Location Adjustments for the 450's:

Weston Peick was expected to earn 4 more points at Muddy Creek than his prediction before the track adjustment, and he earned 12 more than predicted.  Kyle Chisholm was expected to earn 3 more points than his prediction before the track adjustment, but he earned 3 fewer than predicted.  

250 Predictions
The lower class predictions go back to being chaos.  Overall, there were 2 exact picks and 1 more that was off by 1, and 6 that were off by 2 spots:

That's only 9 total out of 18 predicted (2 of the Top 20 didn't ride -- Tristan Charboneau and Kyle Peters (he rode the 450's, so apparently I need to stay more up to date on my Kyle Peters news)), and I consider "success" in the predictions to be getting more than half of the picks within 2 spots, so this didn't qualify.

The 250 class had one notable Track Adjustment this week, again for Kyle Cunningham -- he was expected to finish 6 points better at Muddy Creek than his regular prediction.  Instead, he finished 7 points worse, so the adjustment didn't have it's best week in terms of predicting success based on rider & track.

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