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Preliminary 450MX Pro 2016 Pre-Season Predictions

A little preview of what the predictions will look like for the 450 Pro class in 2016's Motocross Championship:

It's preliminary because riders are still releasing news about where they're riding, delays because of injuries, and for some whether they're in 450 or 250. Soon we'll release full predictions for the 450 and 250 pros and some of the Amateur classes. I also want to include a separate prediction that incorporates an estimate for injury probability.

Some notes:
Marvin Musquin's prediction is based on his results in 250 pro motocross, translated to what we can expect against the upper class in the 450's.
Phil Nicoletti is assumed to be returning from injury in Week 1.
Andrew Short just misses the Top 20, partly because he has not announced a return date.
Davi Millsaps is not included because he just announced he's racing in Canada.
Dean Wilson is not in the Top 20 because he is still out with his knee injury.
Wil Hahn is not in the Top 20 because he also is out with an injury and has not announced a return date.

Posted by: SagehenMacGyver47   :::   As always – Feedback welcomed

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