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Supercross 2017: Atlanta -- Predictions Review

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How did the "This Week" predictions do for Supercross week 8 at Atlanta?  Being strapped for time and since these reviews are done mostly for my own benefit, the review will be presented with minimal comments.

Just 3 were exact, and 8 more were off by 1 or 2 spots.  If you give the benefit of the doubt by removing Davi Millsaps since he was injured pre-race, then 5 would be exact.

Stadium/Track Adjustments
Since the Stadium/Track Adjustment is still a bit of a work in progress (The MX Book goes through it in detail, with encouraging conclusions), I highlight the major ones each week to see if the riders' finishing spots were better or worse at the Supercross stadium -- that is, in line with the prediction or not.

As usual, I will list the 3 biggest to compare how the adjustment compared with the apparent effect of the stadium:

The 3 biggest adjustments were all in the correct direction, so that is continued encouragement that there's something truly predictive in the Track Adjustment.

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