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Supercross 2017: Toronto -- Predictions Review

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How did the "This Week" predictions do for Supercross week 9 at Toronto?  Being strapped for time and since these reviews are done mostly for my own benefit, the review will be presented with minimal comments.

Just 2 were exact, and 6 more were off by 1 or 2 spots.  That's the worst week since Glendale.  If you give the benefit of the doubt by removing Marvin Musquin (battling an illness) and Trey Canard (injured and did not race), then the riders within 0, 1, or 2 spots jumps to 11.

Stadium/Track Adjustments
Since the Stadium/Track Adjustment is still a bit of a work in progress (The MX Book goes through it in detail, with encouraging conclusions), I highlight the major ones each week to see if the riders' finishing spots were better or worse at the Supercross stadium -- that is, in line with the prediction or not.

As usual, I will list the 3 biggest to compare how the adjustment compared with the apparent effect of the stadium:

The 3 biggest adjustments were all in the correct direction, so that is continued encouragement that there's something truly predictive in the Track Adjustment.  Even if you correct for Musquin and Canard (and even Jason Anderson who had a weird collision that sent him to the pit during Lap 1), the direction would be correct and the magnitude of the effect is actually closer to the prediction.

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