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Unadilla Predictions Review

How did the "This-Week" predictions do for MX outdoors in Week 10 at Unadilla?  One of the better weeks for the predictions -- top 4 essentially correct, and other than the DNFs, no spot off by more than 4:

The biggest miss was on Benny Bloss, who finished tied for 4th, compared to his prediction at #8.  10 of the picks were within 2 spots.  In the DNFs, Heath Harrison DNF'd both; Andrew Short DNF'd Moto 1 but was 13th in Moto 2 (predicted 13th); Noah McConahy DNF'd Moto 2 but was 19th in Moto 1 (predicted 19th); and Paul Coates DNF'd both motos.

250 Predictions
Another messed up week in the Lites class with 4 riders from the Top 20 having DNFs, just in Moto 2.  

Including Jessy Nelson's horrible crash -- here's hoping that the injury is temporary rather than permanent damage.  I hope it prompts all riders and teams, as well as race organizers, to rethink whether they're doing every possible thing they can to keep themselves and other riders safe, for instance the top of the line helmet that helped prevent (or at least minimize) his concussion.  Best wishes to Nelson in his recovery, and to all the other riders before him who've had serious and debilitating crashes.  

On to the results for the Top 20 predictions.  Probably the biggest surprise was Alex Martin, who was predicted 2nd and has had success in his 3 prior rounds at Unadilla, but had trouble staying upright and finished 7th overall:

Finally Aaron Plessinger made good on his talent, finishing 3 / 3 for 2nd overall, which was actually 2 spots above his prediction.  Among the DNF's that really threw things off:
Joey Savatgy -- DNF Moto 2, 2nd in Moto 1 (predicted 3rd)
Jessy Nelson -- DNF Moto 2, 6th in Moto 1 (predicted 7th)
Adam Cianciarulo -- DNF Moto 2, 4th in Moto 1 (predicted 9th)
Arnaud Tonus -- DNF Moto 2, 16th in Moto 1 (predicted 10th)
Mitchell Harrison -- DNF Moto 1, 17th in Moto 2 (predicted 11th)
Jordon Smith -- DNF Moto 1, 6th in Moto 2 (predicted 16th)

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